Victorinox mens airboss review

Victorinox Men’s 241508 AirBoss


The vast selection of watches in the market make it difficult to choose the best watch to own. Hence we have created this post to narrow down the selection process for you.

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The hectic life style we have has forced us to create fixed schedules in attempt to organize our time. We constantly need to run from one place to another and be always on time. To be able to do that we need quality watches we can rely on.

Choosing the right watch can turn out to be a real challenge. To make sure you have made the right decision, there are several things you need to consider.

The first thing you need to do is to determine your budget. Although most good watches usually cost a fortune, still there are a few which can be bought for an acceptable price. Since we are referring to high quality watches, the price range is around 1000 dollars.

Next you would need to decide on the design and choose wisely, as this watch will be something you will wear on daily bases. Therefore you would need to look for something that will complement you entire look and be in line with the style you nurture.

Finally, you need to decide which features you want your watch to have meaning whether you will go for something simple, or for a complex watch with all the bells and whistles. Once you have all these points covered you are ready to find your new accessory.

We have decided to help you in your search for the perfect watch and found one that might be your perfect match. It is no doubt the best watch under 1000 dollars based on its aesthetics , quality and value for money . Please take a moment to look at what our findings suggest to be the best watch under 1000,  Victorinox Men’s 241508 AirBoss.

Let’s start our presentation with its design

Although at first glance Victorinox Men’s 241508 AirBoss is plain and simple and thats why its strikes consumers. The watch is made using high quality stainless steel both for the case and for the bracelet. It can easily blend with every style one may have and it can be perfect both for those that fancy the elegant style and at the same time complement you casual look.


The case has a diameter of 43 millimeters and it is 12 millimeters thick. As previously mentioned it is made of stainless steel covered by anti reflexive sapphire window. The sapphire is a special material used in the manufacture of luxurious watches. It is considered to be one of the best materials due to its resistance and durability. It is definitely the right choice when it comes to protecting the watch from scratches or exterior influences. Researchers have shown that it is 20 times harder than the regular crystal which is usually used to produce the display window.

The entire watch is silver color, except for the dial, which is in black and makes a perfect contrast to the markings. What is especially interesting about this watch is that unlike other watches, it has a 24 hour marking instead of the regular 12 hour one. Beside the hours, the precision of the minutes movement has proven to be extremely accurate and is one of the main features in our findings that stood out from the crowd edging its position from the other competitors as the best automatic watch under 1000 dollars.

On the six o’clock marking the number is replaced by a display that indicates the date.

The three hands that show the hours, minutes and seconds are white and luminous to enhance the view of the time in the dark. The hands are moved using precise Swiss automatic watches mechanism.

The band is 20 millimeter width and has the standard length that men’s watches usually have. The deployant clasp with push button is very practical as it allows you to easily put on/off the watch without any hassle. However, when it comes to adjustments of the length things are a bit complicated. Therefore, should you need to shorten the band, you can contact your supplier or local watch dealer to modify it. DO you like the look of this watch ? please leave a comment below i would love to hear your comments and thoughts on it.



Another feature you might be interested in and which also qualifies this watch as the best watch under 1000 is the water depth to which the watch is safe to use. You should have in mind that the water level is not the only thing that is taken into consideration during calculation of the resistance.

To avoid damaging your watch you should use it only up to 330ft or 100 meters. Since there are many factors which might influence the water resistance, you should limit the use of the watch under water to showering, everyday usage, swimming, skin-diving and shallow snorkeling. I would not recommend this watch for diving just as i would use it more for when going out however it can be used for diving just make sure to be aware of not exceeding 100 metres deep.


The price range of Victorinox Men’s 241508 AirBoss varies depending on the vendor and at your local marketplace it is not surprising to find it priced over 1000 dollars. One of the main reasons on top of accuracy the boosted the support of this being the best automatic watch under 1000 dollars is its pricing. Swiss watches are known for there durability and on the other hand price. However recent price cuts on AMAZON has undercutted competitors offering this watch WAY under 1000 dollars. Hence due it s value for money this is why the watch was rated the best watch under 1000 dollars.

Hopefully this short review of the specifics of Victorinox Men’s 241508 AirBoss has helped you get a better idea of what to look for in this type of watches. If you are interested in finding an everyday accessory that will make sure you are always on time, then this might be the right watch for you.

Before buying this watch look for the sign for quality. Look for the sign that denotes that this is a Swiss made watch that will be your new best friend in the years to come. You will never be late for a meeting in your life and you will always know the exact date without looking at your calendar.

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