The best pocket watches for sale of 2015

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Pocket watches for sale


When they first appeared pocket watches for men caused a real stir in the fashion world. They were a must-have accessory in the early 1400s, the year when some of the first pocket watches were made. Over time their popularity drifted from real fashion craze to completely unattractive accessory and vice versa until they have taken their rightful position and earned their place among the timeless accessories. Today they continue to win over the hearts of those who know the real meaning of the unique pocket watches. In the following lines I will be talking about five of my most favorite pocket watches of all times and hopefully I will be able to show you what a treat is to have one of them in your watch collection. All these watches are for sale so some can be bought for really affordable prices.

Ks Antique Pocket Watch

Ks Antique Black Hollow Case Retro Roman Numerals Dial Mechanical Pocket Watch


My first pocket watch for sale is called Ks Antique pocket watch. The match is made of black alloy which gives it a rather mysterious look. The case has a diameter of 47 millimeters and it is 13 millimeters thick. Both the front and the back of the case feature a small window made of acrylic mineral, strong enough to resist the fight with your keys while in your pocket. However, I would recommend you keep your watch in a separate pocket to avoid any possible damage. The front window allows us to see the inside of the watch but it’s not actually telling us the time. Instead the moving hands indicate the time using the Roman numeral which are engraved on the external part of the watch. The watch hangs on an alloy metal so you can easily take it out of your pocket. It is not water resistant so you should be very careful while handling it around water. Sophisticated and fashionable don’t you think?

AMPM24 Luxury Golden Luminous

AMPM24 Luxury Golden Luminous Mens Mechanical Pocket Watch

WoW ! thats the first words when i came across AMPM24 Luxury Golden Luminous. If you are lucky enough to find this pocket watch for sale you would be the happiest person on this planet. The design screams classic! With this watch in your pocket you will feel like you have a million dollar accessory on you. The watch is made of stainless steel in golden tones. The case has a diameter of 46 millimeters and it is 14 millimeters thick. The dial is white with engraved Roman numerals. At night you have the ability to turn on the night vision dial which will automatically make the dial glow and enable you to clearly tell the time. Besides the movable case that protects the dial, the dial is also covered by an acrylic window for even greater safety. The skeleton and transparent elements of the watch allow you to see the inside of the watch and contribute to its appealing design. I must mention that this watch is not water resistant so I wouldn’t recommend you challenge its swimming potential.

Stuhrling Original Men’s 6053.33113

Stuhrling Original Men's 6053.33113


Stuhrling, being one of my most respected brands, hasn’t bailed on me on this one. They have created the Stuhrling Original Men’s 6053.33113, and when this pocket watch is for sale I go ballistic. Let me tell you a little more about this little fellow. The material used to make this watch is actually a high quality brass with specific silver color. The case has a diameter of 47 millimeters and it is 13 millimeters thick. The dial is what makes it really special as if you look at the middle of the watch you can see the entire mechanism that moves the hands, which I think it’s pretty fun. Around this hole are the actual Roman numerals and minute markings that help you tell the time. Both sides of the watch have transparent parts made of Krysterna crystal that not only complement the appealing design this watch has but also allows you to see all the fun the mechanism is having inside. Of course this wouldn’t be a pocket watch without the brass chain. When it comes to its tolerance of water you can probably already guess that you should keep this watch away from the water as it is not water resistant.

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3928

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3928


Charles-Hubert, Paris 3928 also have their watch to show. This pocket watch for sale can go a lot beyond its original price and you can end up buying a really great watch for insignificant price. The case is made of brass, colored in silver. It has a diameter of 47 millimeters and it is 14 millimeters thick. This watch has a skeleton dial which means that you can see certain parts of its mechanism. On the side of this skeleton design there is a white dial with Roman numerals that tell you the time. The interesting part about this watch is that you don’t even have to open the case to tell the time, as on the external part of the case you have the same Roman numerals as the ones engraved on the dial. So it’s like you have a watch within the watch. You will also get a matching chain but don’t use it to play with your watch in a glass full of water, as this watch is not water resistant.

Bucasi PW1030B

Bucasi PW1030B Military Luminous

It would be unfair if I say that I was saving the best for the end, so I will say I was saving the most modern watch for the end. Bucasi PW1030B defies what was considered to be the standard when it comes down to the design of the pocket watches. It blends the regular wrist watches with the pocket watch and balances modern with retro. The case is made of black metal with 44 millimeters in diameter and 16 millimeters thick. It has big, colorful luminous hands and numbers installed on a big black display enabling you to tell the time with ease. Instead of the usual chain this pocket watch for sale has a nylon cord and a spring ring separating this watch further away from its elegant ancestors.

Well I have kept my promise and now you can choose between five of the best pocket watches on sale. What do you think of them?

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