Parnis watch review of 2015

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Parnis watch review


Design – 3/5
Build Quality – 3/5
Functionality – 3/5
Value for money – 4/5
Overall Score – 4/5

As I was going through the online shops that sell watches I came across a brand I wasn’t so familiar with. It turned out that it is a Chinese company that sells their products only on-line, so it’s not really something you can see in the stores. Anyway I took a closer look to their products and I was surprised by their design and features. I was able to choose three watches I like the best and present them to you in this Parnis watch review.

Parnis Men’s Luxury Power Reserve Automatic

Parnis 40mm Men's Luxury Stainless Steel Watch Power Reserve Automatic Watch

The first watch is called Parnis Men’s Luxury Power Reserve Automatic Watch. It’s obvious that Parnis wasn’t paying much attention to naming their watches but that is an irrelevant fact. This watch is for more casual people who are not ready to take any challenges when it comes to their accessories. The watch features a round stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 millimeters and 15 millimeters thickness. The black dial is decorated with green markings made of luminous material for better view in dark. On the dial there are two sub-dials for power reserve and small seconds whereas the three o’clock position is replaced by a date display. The band is made of black leather in standard men’s length. This watch is water resistant only up to 30 meters so make sure you are careful around water when you have this little guy on your wrist.

Parnis Military Army Men’s Automatic

Parnis Military Army Men's Automatic Watch Seagull Movement St25 Power Reserve Energy Display

The second watch I would like to comment in my Parnis watch review is Parnis Military Army Men’s Automatic Watch. Again, a name they didn’t though off much, but still a great watch. I would classify this watch as an accessory that would attract the attention of people who are more laid back but still have their own style. The watch has a round case made of stainless steel with a diameter of 44 millimeters and thickness of 12. The dial is black with white markings that show the time. The additional features are same as the previous watch, i.e. this watch features two sub-dials for power reserve and small seconds, and a date display on the three o’clock position. The band with a standard men’s length is made of genuine brown leather and makes a good contrast to the dial. I would recommend you to take off the watch before showering and make sure you don’t immerse it into water as it is resistant only up to 30 meters.

Parnis GMT Stainless Steel Automatic

Parnis 44mm Men's GMT Black Dial Watch Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

If you were thinking that I would pass by the all-stainless steel watch, you couldn’t be more wrong. I can’t finish my Parnis watch review without giving you a universal model that everybody likes. This Parnis Men’s GMT Watch is in fact a very similar model to the first one I have mentioned in this review. The stainless steel case comes with a diameter of 44 millimeters and thickness of 16. The details are kept to minimum so apart from the hour and minute markings there isn’t much to see. The three o’clock marking is replaced by a display that indicates the date. And this is where the additional features stop. The band is made of stainless steel and blends with the color and material of the rest of the watch. You can probably guess that the watch is water resistant only up to 30 meters so you can’t take this watch under water. In fact the only thing you can do is to use it during your daily activities always making sure you don’t immerse the watch under water or you will need to say your goodbyes with it.

Here is where my Parnis watch review concludes. I would only add that these watches can be bought for very affordable prices but if you are not living or traveling to China you can only get them online. All three watches have a very similar design and offer pretty much the same features. Do your homework and look into Parnis’s offer and you might end up adding some of their watches to your collection. I can assure you they will look great on your wrist and you can never go wrong, regardless which one you decide to choose.

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